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Sunday is Fun Day Recap

  Campfire and Hockey Fun Today, the sun was shining and we seized the opportunity to embrace the warmth with a delightful campfire in the morning. Despite a minor disagreement with Mom regarding the early marshmallow toasting (before noon), we all enjoyed the cozy gathering. The kids, as always, reveled in the campfire experience. With the impending spring and likely fire bans due to the sparse snow, these moments become even more precious. Just as we were soaking in the campfire ambiance, news came in about an unexpected ice time slot for Lucas’s team. We swiftly wrapped up the fire and headed to the arena after lunch. The boys had a fantastic time scrimmaging and relishing the pure joy of playing shinny hockey. It was a refreshing break from the usual competitive spirit, creating a really fun environment for all. I stopped at the Calm n Ground for a great copy of coffee as always. Apsley was quiet place for a Sunday. That will not last very long as cottage season is coming quickly.

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