A Day of Exploration and Appointments

Today was a day filled with miles on the road, taking me across different appointments scattered in various locations. Despite the distance between them, the opportunity to explore the countryside and capture some breathtaking sights made the journey worthwhile.

 My first destination was in Douro, leading me to pass through the scenic Burleigh Falls. Entering the back way to Lock 28 along County Rd 36, I made a quick detour to catch a glimpse of Lovesick Lake, soaking in the tranquility it had to offer.

 Additionally, I managed to snap a few photos of the dedicated workers at the Burleigh Falls dam, diligently working towards replacing the structure entirely.
 For more information on the dam's replacement project, you can visit [here](https://iaac-aeic.gc.ca/050/evaluations/proj/80528).

The next leg of my expedition brought me to the peaceful Indian River crossing on the 3rd Line of Douro. The river mirrored the sky, resembling a sheet of glass without a single ripple disturbing its surface. A sight to behold, the bridge aiding the township seemed to carry a heritage dating back to 1966 stamped into the concrete of the Bridge.

 My appointment in Douro entailed revisiting a property that I had previously sold. The current owners had evidently poured their heart into enhancing the property, yet the trials and tribulations of a household filled with teenagers had shifted their focus away from spending time at their cabin. Stay tuned for this upcoming listing in the following weeks.

 Transitioning to my next appointment at Dickey Lake, a cottage under conditional sale, brought me to County Rd 8 in Asphodel Township. En route, a pit stop at the Ouse River crossing presented an opportunity for a few more picturesque captures.

 After the Dickey Lake appointment, situated within the Municipality of Marmora and Lake, gave me a shot of perpetual readiness with the sand truck always poised for action.

On my journey back, I encountered Wollaston Lake, where the sight of a truck sitting on the ice with portable ice huts hinted there is much more ice on the lake than I figured.

 Taking a slight detour, a drive past The Gut led to some great pictures of the mesmerizing Crowe River in Lasswade, adorned with icy embellishments.    

Embarking on this expedition not only fulfilled professional obligations but also granted me the chance to witness the untouched beauty that nature paints in the countryside. I am glad I took some extra time to make the stops which enriched my experience, offering a unique perspective and a moment frozen in time through the lens of my camera. Till the next adventure unfolds, the memories captured today shall remain etched as a reminder of the vast wonders awaiting exploration in our own backyard.

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