Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Our downtown clock-Brad Sinclair Flat Rate Realty

Market Hall clock tower

Our clock was constructed in 1889 at Market Hall and is the principal monument of our downtown. The clock is recongnized as a heritage building. The importance as a centre piece of our downtown and cultural faclitity is as much as the Liftlock and Little Lake Fountian is to Peterborough. The exterior features four clock faces, dormers, bell, metal cornices and louvered openings. Other features to look for is the tall window openings with two pane, double hung sash windows and half round, multi-pained transom. The west side of the facade adorned with the City of Peterborough Coat of Arms. The clock was the work of John E Belcher and is one of only a few 19th Century market buildings still in existence. Mayor James Stevenson laid the cornerstone in the fall of 1889 and it officially opened in 1890 taking one full year to build. Thomas Rutherford was the contractor. A farmers market operated inside and outside the building for decades until the advent of the supermarket. City of Peterborough repurchased the clock in 2000 and restored the clock. 

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Source of info: HistoricPlaces.ca

Monday, August 14, 2017

Follow up on The Causeway garbage issue August 14/2017

This weekend we had two amazing people go out and pick up garbage on the causeway. This was their comments on the thread about their efforts:

I'm glad we were able to do something about it. The causeway looks a little better now I'm proposing making it an annual thing to keep it looking great thanks for sharing my post an glad I was able to help
                                                                      Thanks Cody

Here is an article by Lance Anderson about the clean up efforts:

4 hours of two men and 13 bags of trash later I thought I would go out and have a peek to see how everything looked. Once again I was utterly dismayed. These men took their Saturday morning to clean up and within 48 hours the Causeway was a mess again.

I am putting this on my blog as I wanted to show you all pictures. Pictures replace 1000 words. Each picture is a different place. Take a look at what I saw this morning. (August 14/2017)

 If you zoom in you can see on this sign the "No Fishing" is for certain dates

Signs need to be replaced

This is the treacherous path some take to get to their fishing area. Someone is going to get seriously hurt here. Who is liable when it happens?

 Yep throw the garbage in the culvert

 Wildlife standing with the garbage