Our Experience at Corcoran's Boxing Club and Fitness Centre/ Walk and Talk~RECO and fines

The Ennismore Optimist Club and the Corcoran's (Elysia and Jay) teamed up to hold a boxing class for kids at the Corcoran's Boxing Club and Fitness Centre. Lucas, my son, wanted to try this boxing thing out. It was an easy decision for Susan and I as parents to let him try out this sport. Boxing would help Lucas with his fitness, coordination and confidence. I also known the Corcoran family basically all my life and they are a wonderful family from Ennismore.

I knew what building and location on Chemong Rd the Boxing Club was but not sure where to enter. At this point there is no signs. If you go there you will see a set of stairs leading down. There is where you enter.

The workout areas are clean and bright. There are change rooms for men and women. Full facilities. The Club has two large rooms. One room houses the boxing ring and heavy bags. The second room is more like a studio with more workout equipment, mirror walls and lined floors.

We have had two training sessions so far in this program. Lucas is taking the program very serious. Jay and Elysia has captured his attention. Jay leads the program with very clear, concise instructions. The class is truly starting from the very basics.

So far the kids have been instructed on foot work, stance, the jab and the power punch. Jay has been teaching looking small and self defense. All amazing stuff. Lucas is in the picture above in red. As you can see he is working on his jab.

The club is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all their members. You can feel the positive vibe entering this facility. If you would like to find out more about Corcoran's Boxing Club and Fitness Centre click here.

February 21/2019 Walk and Talk
-Some huge consequences
-RECO our regulating body

Click Here to watch the Walk and Talk Video

Realtors in Ontario work under the real estate and business brokers act which is the legislation regulating the individual brokers and businesses registered to trade in real estate in Ontario.

RECO, The real estate council of Ontario is the corporation that regulates the trade of real estate on behalf of the Ontario government. RECO also administers and enforces the real estate and business brokers act.

One issue that we have been experiencing in the Peterborough area with out-of-town realtors, realtors have been giving buyers lockbox codes of listings for buyers to check out properties on their own. This saves the out-of-town realtor driving to Peterborough to show the property. This is an infraction against the code of ethics. There has been a case recently where a realtor, while acting for a buyer, booked a property showing. The listing brokerage provided the realtor with an appointment and a lockbox code. The buyer agent forwarded the lockbox code to her buyer client and advise them to visit a property in her absence. This agent was caught. She was charged and convicted of facilitating an unauthorized access to a property by providing the lockbox code to her buyer client then the buyer attending the property without the realtor. For her violation of the code of ethics this agent received a fine of $8500.

Realtors must follow the code of ethics or there is some steep fines. The public is well protected from unscrupulous behavior from realtors. For more information on protection check out www.reco.on.ca. While you’re there check out the charges and the fines of unscrupulous behavior from realtors. There is some huge penalties for doing the public wrong.


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