The 10 Best home improvements for resale

Hello all!
A few weeks ago I wrote about the 10 worst improvements. Now here are the 10 best improvements.
1.      Your kitchen! This kitchen is the centre point and the heart of your home. For a few hundred dollars you can do some minor improvements that have a huge impact. Replace the kitchen faucet, add new door handles to your cabinets, and update a light fixture. On a larger budget you can give the cabinets a make over by refacing the current doors. Make the kitchen warm and inviting with a modern touch!
2.      Appliances! If your kitchen appliances are different colours you may consider replacing them. Nothing kills the kitchen improvements by unmatched appliances.
3.      Make that Bathroom shine! Next to our kitchen improvements, bathrooms are also one of the most important rooms to improve. As with the kitchen, small changes can make drastic results. Simple things like replace the toilet, seat and sink. Replace the old flooring. Don't forget the shower; make sure the caulking is clean and not black.
4.      Paint! New paint makes your house look clean. Don't forget the ceiling.
5.      Storage! Especially with older homes, storage seems to be lacking. With your current storage space, make sure it is effective with shelving.
6.      Mechanics! Spend a few bucks on a plumber and electrician to make sure the plumbing and electrical systems on the house is neat and tidy. Nothing worst then a rat's nest of wires, faulty plugs or leaking plumbing to turn off a home inspector.
7.      Carpeting! Have you carpets professional cleaned and ready to go. If the carpet is worn and in bad shape consider replacement.
8.      Light fixtures! Replace the old looking light fixtures with new modern fixtures. Make sure the light brightens the room for a comfortable feel. You can be creative and add accent lights or spotlights to emphasize art or plants.
9.      The entry! Make sure your front door is new or newly painted. Make sure the complete entrance is inviting. The impression the buyer gets is here is huge as they are spending time here as the Realtor is opening the lockbox to gain entry into the house.
10.  Curb Appeal! Sounds obvious right? Well it does not happen. Keep the lawn mowed, the walkway swept, the gardens weeded. You never get the first impression again so make it a good one.


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