Special meeting today for new name of Smith Ennismore Lakefield Township

The township hired Wedesign to conduct research and prepare a report that will give information to help select our new township name. The special meeting will be held today at 4:00 pm in Council Chambers.

Jocasta Boone of Wedesign will be in the meeting today to answer any questions. Her research considerations were:

  1. Name Usage
  2. Linguistic Impact
  3. Online Presence
  4. Geographic Impact
  5. Marketability
Out of the ten names given to Wedesign for consideration for the Township's rebranding, Wedesign came back with 5 names.

  1. Selwyn
  2. Chemong
  3. Drumlin
  4. Lakelands
  5. Bridgeland
Public opinion will play a large role in the decision. Chemong township received the most votes followed by SEL then Lakelands. The Examiner had also completed an online pole with Trinity ranking number one with Chemong coming in at number 2.

What is this all going to cost? It is estimated by township CAO Janice Lavalley that it will cost taxpayers $45,000 to cover items like signage, pins, vehicle and equipment decals, new logo, website and online positioning. Janice Lavalley has also stated that there is a OMPF grant fund that can cover all cost so the name change will have no impact to ratepayers.

PeterboroughExaminer article http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/2012/11/21/chemong-shining-waters-selwyn-among-options-for-new-smith-ennismore-lakefield-township


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