Good or bad decision? 1995: Ennismore says NO to Water and Sewer.

14 years ago a group of Ennismore citizens was pushing for the introduction of public water and sewage services in their community. It would be an ideal time they suggested: the Ontario Government was offering a grant and the results of various studies to assist in such a move. But almost as soon as the idea was proposed, another group of Ennismore rate-payers very vocally opposed the idea and that takes us to this report in 1995.

As it turned out, the "nay" group prevailed and Ennismore residents continue to draw their water from private wells and dispose of their waste in private septic beds. After the municipality of Smith, Ennismore, Lakefield was created by amalgamation in 2001, Bridgenorth ratepayers explored the idea of a switch to public water and sewage but armed with the Ennismore experience and seemingly prohibitive cost projections, now minus any government grants, the idea was quickly relegated to the back burner where it remains to this day.

Source Chex News


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