My New Investment/Recreational Property Blog

Welcome! I purchased an investment/recreational property. I will blog about the trials and accomplishments I have with this property. It will be a ton of work but I am also going to work hard on having fun here too!

So this is what I purchased:

3 bedroom 1 bath little home/cottage on Eels Creek

Lots of junk laying around

Yard needs work

Ripping this building down. Canopy great for greenhouse. It is for sale.

Lucas looking over Creek

Susan opening up the house

Bathroom is in fair shape

Renee happy to be here!

They do love each other! Must be the cottage air!

Faith and I cleaning the creek bed. Left with nice sand bottom.

Trailer has a home!

Creek view of the cottage

Alex checking out crayfish

We worked on Saturday to clean up the property a little. Looked a ton better. Sunday we played with the kids and that was a fun day. Monday we cleaned again. Stay tuned for the pictures of the results of the clean up!


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