Investment/Recreational Property Week 6 in Apsley Ontario

Welcome to fall. After a week of high temps our temperatures came crashing down! I took the family up to the cottage on Friday but I spent most of my time back home working and running a charity golf tourney. I did get a few things completed without much relaxing.
Got the plugs into the stairs, sawed and first rough sanding

I did even get the BBQ put together

Sam got to relax

I got started on the upper bedroom with new flooring. I purchased new laminate flooring on sale from $1.19 to $.89 per square feet at Home Hardware. It was the worst crap I ever delt with. It was warped. Staight from China. Never again.

Susan got all the painting done.

I finally got the flooring down with the help of an air nailer

Where I am at now.


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