Investment/Recreational Property Week 12 in Apsley Ontario

We missed last weekend in Apsley as I had to work the weekend. This weekend I did work on Sunday but I was able to enjoy Saturday with the family. In my last few blogs I have been commenting on the water levels as they have been fluctuating. Here is some pictures:

Low Creek

 Normal Creek

 Two Weeks ago high creek

Oh boots, where are you boots? Ya, they are at home so I had to get wet feet and clean off the bridge of the floating debris. It was fricken cold. Bridge is more of a floating bridge now then a suspension bridge.

 My cheerleaders!

Another surprise I had this weekend is my little friend the beaver dropped by for a visit. I first thought he was trying to make a dam with the bridge but none of the debris on the bridge was from him. I took a walk up and down the creek and I have no idea where he is building a home.

I did get the hutch from the house set up this weekend. I also got the railing up for the stairs. Other then that Saturday was a lazy day. Just what the doctor ordered!



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