December 2013 Selwyn (Smith Ennismore Lakefield) Real Estate Statistic Report


I would like to start off this blog by thanking you, the reader of this blog for your attention. I know that there is content on anything out there on the web so you taking a few minutes reading my blog is appreciated.

I would also like to thank my clients over the years. Your business and friendship is truly appreciated as well!

Now to the update! December 2013 was very interesting for Ennismore/Emily. There was only 3 new listings signed up but 8 sales were recorded! Funny enough in December 2012 the numbers were flipped with 9 new listings and 3 sales. How do you predict what December is going to be like, eh?
Totals for Ennismore/Emily for 2013 was 345 listings and 176 sales. That is a 51% Sales Ratio for 2013 compared to 44% in 2012.

Smith/Lakefield on the other hand had 11 new listings and only 2 sales in the month of December. You have to wonder why such different results in basically the same area. (Same Township "Selwyn") To compare December 2012 had 7 new listings and 7 sales. Totals for 2013 is 310 listings with 155 sales. That is an honest 50% Sales Ratio for 2013 compared to 50 % in 2012.

Taking the complete Peterborough and Kawartha board numbers which covers basically Peterborough County, this area recorded 179 new listings and 106 sales for the month of December 2013. December 2013 is down 18% over December 2012. Over all numbers from sales 2012-2013 was basically the exact same number.Wow! 

With all that said the economists were correct that the market will hold its own with very little to no growth. I am ok with this as we are still recovering from the housing fallout in the USA in 2007-2008 and the tough new mortgage rules the Federal government put in place last year.


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