Investment/Recreational Property Week 13 in Apsley Ontario

It has seemed like forever since the last time we stayed at the cottage. With going to Florida in November and such a busy month in December we just did not get a chance.

I took the family up on New Years Day. I was a good boy the night before so I did not have a big head January 1! Great way to start off the year. Others I know can not say the same thing!

Renee All Ready to go!

We arrived to a clean cottage with no water. The pump would not pump nothing. The driveway and deck had not been cleared so it took awhile to even access the basement where the pump is which is done through the deck. Susan started to melt snow on the stove for water. I found the issue quickly. The heatline was not working and the pipe from the well to the pump was frozen. That sucked! It was only -29C why would it freeze?? I mucked around with the water system until dark and gave up. No water and nothing I can do. We melted a lot of snow as the kids needed a bath and no matter what we do not miss bath night.

The next morning Lucas and I went outside to clean up the snow in the driveway. I decided to go to Donia's Tim-Br Mart and picked up an ice auger. Back when I was a kid this is how we cottaged in the winter. Water was hauled in by bucket. A heck of a lot quicker then melting snow!

Lucas helping me clean the driveway

This is how I was going to access the creek

I was surprised to see 8 inches of ice
Getting dark and -29c again
This was my reward for a hard days work! Truth to be told, I bought all this for Christmas Eve but we all had the Flu!

Friday it was still really cold, in the -20c's. Lucas came out to play but did not last long. I was eyeing up a tree that I hated that over hung the creek. With so much ice on the creek it was my only opportunity to get rid of it.

Poor Lucas was mad he could not swing!

The Hated Tree
Look to the left and you will see the hated tree


Better call it a day!

Saturday it finally warmed up. It felt almost HOT at -4C. I referee in Apsley in the morning and when I got back to the cottage the kids and I went out and played. We had a ton of fun. I even dug out the swings!

Lucas and Faith working on their snow angels
Riding down the hill on the sled
Susan could not came out to play as she hurt her knee. But she still makes a mean hot chocolate when we went in
Apsley (North Kawartha) has such a nice rink
Sunday is now here and it is going to snow and maybe freeze rain so we packed up early at noon and booked it for home.


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