Investment/Recreational Property visit 17 in Apsley Ontario

I finished up work around 3:00pm and went home to pack up to go to Apsley. Nice to arrive with the sun up and fairly warm. 4 degrees Celsius. The driveway was 50% melted. Lots of snow melted in the last couple of weeks. I took my time carrying in of stuff. Again, with lots of sunlight, there was no hurry. I started to drill a hole in the ice but the auger is not cutting the ice very well. We still need water from the creek to flush the toilet as the well line is still frozen. Susan was putting on dinner so I wanted to get a hole in the ice quickly.  I grabbed the chainsaw with 18 inch bar and cut a block. It did not cut all the way through. I broke up the block and shovelled the ice out of the hole. After that was cleaned out I had a nice deep square hole in the ice but I was not through all the way. I took a pipe and hammer to break up the few inch or two of ice left to make the water flow. Really it worked well.
Watched some TV, put the kids to bed and called it a night.

Saturday, was a slow start. Hugged the pillow until 8:00am. Got up, had a coffee. Kids were begging to go outside to play. Susan and I got them dressed and I took them outside. Susan came out as well to play with the kids as well. Lucas wanted to go for a ride on the ATV so we took a trip to Long Lake, I did the trip the second time with Faith. We came in for lunch and naps.
While everyone was taking a nap I ran to Apsley Foodland for some groceries. Started to snow heavily. On my way back I stopped at a little coffee shop on 28. Good strong coffee. I got everyone up when I got back. I played with the kids and did some research for an appointment I am doing Sunday. No Leaf game tonight so I turned in early.

Left early Sunday, great trip!

A lot less snow then last visit!

Renee is all smiles

Sunset on Friday night.

Snow started on Saturday

Really looking to finish this last room

Renee and Faith playing on the swings

Lucas ready to ride

Faith's turn

Long Lake Apsley

Downtown Apsley



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