Investment/Recreational Property visit 18 in Apsley Ontario

If some of you have stumbled across this blog posting titled "investment/recreational property visit...." and wonder why I post my weekends at the cottage there is two reasons. One, cottage living is not for everyone, I am trying to show you that a cottage is not only fun but there is work to be done as well. You may find this is what you would like to do, or maybe not. Two, this is an investment for me as well. I am trying to have a record on what I have done to the property over the years. I think this will give value to me and the buyer of the property.

April 11th/2013

I went to the cottage to check on the creek height. I wanted to make sure nothing was being flooded. The creek was really high but manageable. The only thing I was worried about was the ice above the bridge. There was a really thick piece and it was not broken up. I hoped it did not damage the bridge too bad.

Eels Creek melt

Easter Weekend

My first project this weekend was to finally finish the kids play room on the second level of the cottage. They kids were excited to get in!


On Saturday it was beautiful outside and could spend the day outdoors. I got a start on my new firepit, worked on getting the water pumps up and running and played with the kids. That night I had first campfire of the year!

Sunday we left to go to Napenee for the day to have Easter dinner with my in-laws. We decided to spend Monday at the cottage to work on the bridge that got damaged badly with the ice. The bridge twisted in circles. Damaged it badly. Worst part was clearing the debris. I talked to my neighbour to see if this happens every year. He has never seen the bridge damaged like this, but never seen so much ice thickness on the creek either.

Used the boat as a working platform

Lawnmower worked well dragging debris out of the water

Just the cables left, I will start from scratch



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