Ennismore This and That


Lacrosse is back in Ennismore and it is awesome entertainment. $8 for adults and kids free, what more could you ask for of the Ennismore James Gang! (well I could ask for an updated website and twitter feed so I know when the games are)

Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing is open again. Tournaments are on with full force. Just hope they take care of the fish they release. The fish kill of a few years ago does not help their cause.


The Selwyn Fire Golf Tournament is in September. $85 for a round, cart and Chicken and Rib dinner. Hosted by Tamarac Golf Club in Ennismore. If you want to add a foursome contact me.

Minor Hockey

Effective August 31, 2014, the ‘Respect in Hockey’ initiative will require all Team Officials, On-ice Volunteers, On-Ice Officials and Parents to take the appropriate ‘Respect’ education. I hope this works in our arena but I have major doubts. The dummies will still be dummies.

Real Estate

The market is just starting to roll. Only a month or so behind. Peterborough is rocking and rural real estate is gaining steam.


Could you ask for more of a perfect weather weekend as this weekend? (June 21 and June 22)


Wedding seasons have begun! Last night on Robinson Road you had to make a hard decision to go left to one wedding with the directional sign or right with the other directional sign. Getting just as bad as real estate directional signs!

Toronto Maple Leafs

I am left to wonder how the leafs are going to mess up this years draft. Stay tuned.

Ennismore's new plaza

Steve Foster has started moving dirt across the road from Foodland to build a new plaza. I look forward to see some more small businesses in our township. I wonder what will go in there?

Save Bridgenorth

Is it not time to remove these signs? The bypass will never be built so why make it look to visitors that our community is in danger. Looks bad for future and outside investment.

Selwyn Fire Department

The Master Plan has been developed for the fire department. For the update take a look here:
Master Plan



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