Canadian Box Lacrosse and the Peterborough Lakers "no fighting"

Fighting was traditionally allowed in indoor Canadian box leagues, but with the two year old CLA rule stating that if any player takes part in a fight, from minor to senior level, they will be ejected from a game.

I have been a season ticket holder since 2004 of the Senior "A" Peterborough Laker box lacrosse team. Since my first game I was hooked by this fast and incredibly tough game. But that hook is starting to loose it's grip.

As a spectator, I find the game, and I could be wrong from the guys on the floor, incredibly cheap and dirty now. I find it lacking passion and honour that it once had. I find the game, well, boring. This is saying nothing about the players, their skill and ability is still there, it is just hampered by the dirty play by others with zero consequences. Last night I watched the league leading scorer, Mark Steenhuis get slashed from behind on the hands. Mark dropped like a rock. There was no call from the ref and the only thing the Lakers could do was have Suitor body check the guy to the ground.  (Suitor received a 7 minute roughing call for the hit) The game got dirtier from there. If Suitor was able to fight, an altercation would have happen, then that's it. Done. None of the other crap that happen afterwards would not have happen.

According to the CLA:

"The Canadian Lacrosse Association and its Board of Directors hereby declare (2012) that they are opposed to fighting in the game of lacrosse," the CLA stated in a press release, adding that is has approved rule changes that "positions Canadian lacrosse on the international stage as a world leader in maintaining the integrity of the game."

The CLA and its directors need to reinstate the 5 minutes for fighting rule. They need to do it fast, the game started to become healthy again and I believe they put a dagger in the heart of the progress of the game of Lacrosse. What I am watching is the lost of integrity of the leagues and by no means the CLA is a world leader in anything.

I truly not sure if I will be a season ticket holder in 2015.

Info for the quote of the CLA I got from by by Corey McLaughlin |


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