Snowmobile ride on January 7th from Bancroft



On Thursday we got out for the first ride of the year. We dropped in Birds Creek just out side of Bancroft on the B106E Trail.



We followed the B106E through Maynooth, stopped for a quick picture of the old rail station and continued onto E109 which was groomed.


E109 was fresh groomed to Papineau Lake Transfer Station then we hit fresh fluffy snow with no trail. We broke trail until we were about 10 miles out of Combermere and we met a groomer heading towards Papineau Lake. We encountered a few obstacles when we were breaking trail but nothing to serious.


We drove into Barry's Bay, had lunch/dinner and carried on to B102 which is railbeds mostly. They were smooth and quick. I fear for the weekend riders as the snow was thin Thursday so I doubt the trails will be much good with the traffic.

Madawaska off the B trail

 Whitney off the B trail working our way over to B106E



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