List my House now? Really?

"I am waiting until spring to list my house when it looks the best" I hear this statement all the time and they are dead wrong. Now is the time to list especially if you live in the City of Peterborough.

Listings (inventory) is extremely low right now. Most current listings that have been around for a while so imagine the excitement that is caused when a new listing hits the market. It is craziness! Today you will get more for your house then you will ever get in the spring market, even more then when your house looks its best in June. That is because there is a ton if listings hit the market in May/June. You will be ahead of the pack.

Best part of selling your home now is the closing will be when all the new listings are hitting the market and you get your choice of the new batch! You will also be in better bargaining position because there is so much more inventory!

So give me a call, and lets get started on your 2015 move!


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