Monday Motivation by Your Realtor Brad Sinclair

"Monday Motivation by Your Realtor Brad Sinclair

Happy Monday! I hope you had an awesome weekend and are ready for a BIG week!

As always, I like to start the week off right with some words of inspiration….. I was online this weekend, saw this photo and wanted to share in hopes it helps inspire you as it did me…..

So often we say to ourselves "Oh once I have x I will start doing……" . What happens when we use that type of language is we never get started and then never accomplish what we know we truly want.

Instead start NOW… start where you are with what you have!  

I recently had a conversation with a Friend…. they wanted to eventually start a business and he kept saying "Once I save x amount of dollars, I can then start this business…"….. I asked him "Why are you not doing things to start it now, why are you not learning what you can for FREE on YouTube… why not start with the less expensive or FREE site and start now, instead of paying all that money to have this new business site and everything designed for you, especially on a product you do not know will succeed...

It boils down to truly just being a limited belief that paralyzes us from taking action and going after what we truly want…. Don't wait… Start Now!

Sincerely Your Realtor 
Brad Sinclair


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