The Shocking Truth About Selling Your Home In The Winter

Selling your home in the winter is not everyone's idea of a good time. It is cold, it gets dark early and the general thought is that the house will not show well. Let's face the facts that the best time to sell a home is when inventory levels are at the lowest. That is in the winter. The most serious buyers will be shopping in the winter as why would anyone want to buy in the winter unless they need to?

So why should you not wait until Spring to sell? I know that the traditional selling season for real estate is in the spring as people get spring fever. Yes, typically there is more buyers in the spring, but there is more sellers too. More competition for you and your home. If you want to sell your home, and if you are ready to go....why wait? There are serious buyers out and about in the winter even if there is not as many as the spring time. With less competition it is an awesome time to sell.

Deciding to sell now or wait is an individual decision that should be made because you are ready, not a misguided assumption that selling now is not a good time. The general thought is everything looks better in the spring and my home will not show well now. Another thought is I will get less for my home. This is simply not true. In fact there are lots of homes sold in winter and top dollar is usually paid. For a savvy home seller this is the perfect time to find a buyer that needs to purchase a home.

One more reason for winter selling is you have fewer showings to deal with and the showings you have are with more serious buyers. This is much better then having lots of showings to the "just thinking crowd"

This all said the best time to sell is when you are ready to sell. No matter the season. What is right for your goals, family and for yourself is the time to sell. You  are in the driver's seat, when you are ready, just GO FOR IT!!


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