Did you know it is 100% FREE to hire me as your Realtor® when buying a home?

Did you know it is 100% FREE to hire me as your Realtor® when buying a home?

Yup, 100% FREE… it costs you no more money to hire an extremely experienced Realtor® such as myself, that has a ton of negotiation experience to ensure you are getting the best deal possible…. than it does to hire a newbie with zero experience….

Over the next few weeks I am going to send several emails that explain the buying process here in Ontario…  It is ABSOLUTELY critical to be extremely well informed on the process when you are looking to make one of the biggest purchases in your life! Some of these emails are going to be long... but it is important to read them... They are packed full of value and info to ensure you are making the best decision for yourself and your Family!

Whether you already have a Realtor® you are working with or if you do not and you would like to use my services, which I would absolutely be honored to help you accomplish your real estate goals…. Either way, these emails are going to be EXTREMELY powerful at helping to educate you through the home buying process here in Ontairo..

Every Province can be different, and the Real Estate Purchase Contract is always changing… so whether you are a first time home buyer or you have bought multiple homes it is important you read the content…. I will make them quick and to the point… I know your time is valuable and the last thing I want to do is waste your time…

It is critical to be educated on the entire home buying process so you can ensure you are making the best decision for yourself and for your Family…

OK… so I want to kick this email series off talking about Money $$$… What does it cost you to buy a home here in Ontario? The good news is, it is probably far less than you think!

For starters "My Fees"… aka my commissions… are 100% FREE to you…  In the province of Ontario… the seller pays the commissions… So even though I represent you, looking out for your best interests, the seller still pays the fee… The cool part about that other than being FREE is that for you to hire an experienced Realtor like myself that has been a top producers for years..... it costs you no more money than hiring an inexperienced Realtor…

Hiring an less experienced Realtor will actually cost you a TON of money, as they do not have the negotiation skills and experience necessary to get you the best deal possible!

In the NEXT email we are going to talk about your Deposit $…. what it is, what to expect, how it works and more…

See you in a few days and if you have any questions, need anything or would like to go look at some homes….  Please Call/Text or Email me anytime!

Have an awesome day and feel free to reach out anytime


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