The Home Inspection Process

OK lets dive in….  so first we spoke about my service, my fee’s aka my commission which is 100% FREE to you…. second we talked about Deposit Money which is 1% of the purchase in most cases (if you missed that email… make sure to go back and read it…).

Today we are going to discuss the costs of Home Inspections and the process… So once your offer is accepted… we now have typically 10  days to do our inspections… which in 99.9% of the cases is more than enough time..

The Professional Property Home Inspection is performed by a licensed Professional Home Inspector and they are looking for issues… looking for red flags… Think of them as like your Family Doctor… they are not a “Specialist” but instead are looking for any red flags… then if identified they have you see a specialist…

So any “Red Flags” that we see… if big Red Flags like AC or Roof Issues… we then would want to get the “Specialist” out to inspect further… Home Inspection, depending on size of the home, pool, etc… are usually around $400…

Now at the end of our inspections… we then have the ability to go to the Seller and say “We found these items wrong with the property and we would like these fixed…” there is no guarantee that they will, but it is up for negotiations and I will fight for you to get the items taken care of!

OK so recap time on fee’s… lets just say the purchase price is $200K…. 
My Fees = $0 100% FREE
Offer Deposit $2K
Home Inspection $400

Next email… to come in a few days… we will talk about the Appraisal process and Appraisal Cost… 

If you need anything in the meantime, feel free to call, text or email me anytime!


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