Ontario will force you to have an energy audit completed before you list your home

This is a letter I received from OREA today. Not sure if the public is aware that people will have to do a sort of Drive Clean for their homes. 

Dear Bradley,

I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on an important issue at Queen's Park and what your provincial association is doing to protect the dream of home ownership in our province.

Last week, the Government of Ontario government released their Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP). The CCAP is the government's strategy for reducing green house gas emissions. Included among 28 other policy proposals, is a Home Energy Rating and Disclosure (HER&D) program.

HER&D would mandate that an energy audit be completed before a new or existing single-family home can be listed for sale. The current proposal would also require that the energy rating be included in the real estate listing. The province is proposing to cover the cost of the audit through a rebate and plans on further consultation before launching the program in 2019.

OREA opposes HER&D or any other form of mandatory home energy audits. OREA is deeply concerned about the impact it will have on consumers, the real estate market and Ontario REALTORS®. OREA has successfully fought against mandatory home energy audits since 2009 and our position has not changed.

When the province first put HER&D on the table back in May 2015, OREA lobbied hard to stop it. Our policy submission made a detailed case for why HER&D would hurt consumers and the real estate market. Unfortunately, the province has signalled its intention to move forward with HER&D, so we're redoubling our efforts.

OREA has retained one of the top government relations firms in Ontario - the same team that assisted us on our MLTT campaign – to strengthen our advocacy against the new proposal. While this promises to be a more difficult and uphill fight than we've faced in the past, rest assured your provincial association is not taking any tactic off the table, including a broader public relations campaign to educate MPPs and consumers about the perils of HER&D.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our advocacy efforts. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can contact OREA's government relations team at GovernmentRelations@orea.com.

Yours sincerely,
Ray Ferris
Ray Ferris, President
Ontario Real Estate Association


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