Day at Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto-Brad Sinclair Flat Rate Realty

My son Lucas and I skipped school and work on his birthday to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto Ontario. Lucas geared himself up in his favourite hockey team wear and we went for a visit. Pricing was good. I was $18 and Lucas was $12. Parking at the HHOF was the worst at $32. You start off in the store and work your way down to the Hall.

There really is not a flow to see the exhibits when you enter but it is not hard to get your bearings quickly. There is a lot of reading and information to take in. With a 6 year old you don't read much but if you went on your own you could spend a whole day easy.

If you never seen a Stanley Cup Ring before it is really impressive but impossible to wear. They are huge. The face of them would be a size of a Loonie. 

Lucas humoured me for a picture at the Sportsdesk but no future there. TSN also featured a 20 minute 3D movie which was really well done.

The Hall where Stanley Cup and the balance of the trophies are kept in is absolutely beautiful

There are actually three Stanley Cups: the original bowl of the "Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup", the authenticated "Presentation Cup", and the "Replica Cup" on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame. The cup with Lucas is the Replica Cup.

 This cup below is the "Presentation Cup" that I had taken at the World Cup of Hockey in Toronto last year. Look at the black base how banged up it is. 

This is the "Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup" which was the Original Cup. It is kept in a vault. 

There is an interactive section that Lucas had a fun time with. Dad tried his hand at it too. The Great One had his issues with this game. 

The GOLDEN PUCK, STICK, GLOVES AND NET. This was my favorite part to see. 


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