Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo Provincial Park

Deep Thinking on Mazinaw Lake
  Mazinaw Rock is a 100-metre (330 ft) high cliff in the Addington Highlands, just north of Kaladar, south-central Ontario, Canada. It stretches for 1.5 kilometres (0.9 mi) along Mazinaw Lake, and is a landmark in the Bon Echo Provincial Park that draws the attention of many campers and cottagers. Beneath the cliff itself, the lake's depth reaches 145 metres (476 ft), making it the second deepest lake in Ontario besides the Great Lakes. This means the cliff face continues nearly straight down for a total of roughly 245 metres (804 ft). The rock is composed of granite and black dykes. The quality of the rock varies from good on the more popular routes to bad on the less used routes.
The rock is credited in giving the name to Bon Echo Provincial Park, because it is responsible for the large echo that is unmistakable during thunderstorms and fireworks displays. Bon Echo is French for "good echo". The face of the rock is riddled with over 260 native pictographs. This gives it the largest collection of visible pictographs in Canada. The word Mazinaw originates from Algonkian, which means "painted rock" giving the rock its name. Near the bottom of the rock face there is also an engraved tribute to Walt Whitman, inscribed for Flora MacDonald Denison, who ran the inn in the provincial park during the 1910s. (Wikipedia)
At the channel, Water was high enough that we could not get to bench

Big tree, it was every little push to get all three to reach around it but they did!

Watch for turtles or crazy children

Mom trying not to fall on her ass.


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