Flat Rate Realty, how the system works and more importantly how will this system save you money-Brad Sinclair

Flat Rate Realty, how the system works and more importantly how will this system save you money and not cost you end sales dollars!

I have been with Flat Rate Realty for over a year now. Before Flat Rate Realty I spent 10 years working under one of the "franchise" Brokerages. I can tell you there is only one change in my full MLS® service from the time I worked at a "franchise" Brokerage and now. That change is I can now offer you Full Service for 3.75%. You loose nothing more on marketing, service and exposure with Flat Rate Realty but what you win is up to 1.25% in savings. For a house valued at $350,000 that is over $4300 back in your pocket. Why would you give that away? Same service (or better) same marketing (or better) and same exposure (or better) with  $4300 back in your pocket! (if your house is valued at $350000)

Hey! Even though you read this statement I know what you are asking yourself.

  1. Will my property be on MLS®? Absolutely, your house will be on MLS®. Your listing will also be on my website and many many others.
  2. Do I really get full service for 3.75%? For sure! You get all the services you expect, like full market analysis of your home and market. You will also receive full professional negotiation, offer processing and much more. Nothing in my services have changed since leaving the "franchise" Brokerage. It is the same or even better!
  3. Will I loose the "franchise" Brokerage network to get a better price on my house? This network was very important in the 1980s but lets face it it is 2017 and a neat thing called the internet which is the network! You will not get less because you are listing with me, you will just pay less!
Give your "franchise" Brokerage a call and have them out to your house. Just make sure I come to your house too for a second opinion and show you how I can save you money.

Call or text 705-927-6236 or check me out www.bradsinclair.ca

Servicing Lindsay, Selwyn, Peterborough and all 
points in between. 


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