The Ennismore Journal: Why Brad Sinclair is running for Ennismore Council Seat and what I am committing to you

“Good leaders-as opposed to good politicians-are willing to sacrifice personal gain for the good of the community”

People and councils need change. A different perspective. You need change for growth. Past councils have done a wonderful job for our community. They have done the best of their abilities. To move forward and grow change must always happen. The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
I have a clear understanding of the role of governance, inter-municipal relations, social and economic development, bylaws, budgets, municipal departments and more. I would come at these roles as a councillor representing Ennismore as more of a business and social perspective. My thoughts would be what is best for Ennismore and Selwyn as a whole with every decision.
Social media will play a large part in my role as a Selwyn Councillor representing Ennismore. Social medial plays a huge role in the success of my business and I would apply the same principles to my role as a councillor. This will create discussion on the issues and create a dialog of what is happening in the chambers of council with the people of the community. This will give everyone a voice and KNOW what the issues of the day is.
I am not going to tell you that there is going to be a huge change if I get elected. Using a baseball analogy, you can not go in to politics thinking that you will be hitting home runs meeting after meeting. I will be aiming for singles for Ennismore advancing the runners looking to score. Using this analogy I have been successful in my business, family life and  marriage.
I am running to serve this community. I want to provide good leadership, to plan and build for the future. I want to make a contribution of ideas, philosophies and passion for this community. My family and I are willing to make the sacrifice of time to make a better future for Ennismore. This will benefit my children, your children and their children.
I want to be part of the team of amazing people that are running for council. As part of the council I will inform myself of the issues. I will debate. I will carefully consider the information, opinions and positions of my fellow Councillors and administration. I will vote for what I feel is best for our community and I will accept the decision of the group.
My promise: I will not avoid the hard conversation, I will not avoid the hard topics or avoid the difficulties Ennismore residence are facing. I have never backed down from doing what is right no matter how hard the issue is. I believe in my heart that failure is showing up with a reason not a result. I will always strive for results for this community.
Who is Brad Sinclair? I am easily researched on Social Media. I am a local Realtor®. I have been raised in Ennismore and currently raising my family of 3 children here too. I have a beautiful wife named Susan. Your concerns for your family are the same as my concerns. Call me, I would love to chat. 705-927-6236


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