Who is right and who is wrong in the Pigeon Lake Wild Rice Issue

Last week I posted my thoughts about an article that I read in the Peterborough This Week about the wild rice disagreement between James Whetung and the residence waterfront owners of Pigeon Lake. Here is the video I posted:

I have had comments on my video which I read them all. One comment I deleted and maybe I should not have. This comment said I was the seller of stolen lands. White supremacist. I should be ashamed of this video. She also commented this is such a “white” line of thinking. I was called a racist.

I see everyone as equals. In my mind I have no more rights then you and you have no more rights then me. I don’t look at someone and determine their motives because of their colour of their skin. I believe that we all can work together as a community. Does this make me a racist?

One fault that I will admit to is not giving much credit to what happen hundreds of years ago. I don’t view myself as a “cottager” I view this as my home and I belong here even though my ancestors from hundreds of years ago came from Scotland and England. I also do find it hypocritical that some scream about traditional activities then use modern equipment to carry out so called traditional activities.

This all said this is what I believe should happen to solve in this dispute:

  1. The people of Curve Lake should have full and exclusive rights to harvest Wild Rice in Pigeon Lake
  2. A number of acres of Wild Rice needed to feed the community should be determined by Curve Lake First Nation
  3. Wild Rice is for traditional uses and it should be gathered in traditional ways. 
  4. Property owners along Pigeon Lake should be able to apply for a permit from Parks Canada to clean up a certain amount of space in front of their property for their enjoyment
  5. Wild Rice is wild. Seeding is not wild. That is a crop. Seeding will be limited to the amount of Wild Rice that is determined needed by Curve Lake First Nation to feed the community. Curve Lake and Parks Canada will work together to seed if necessary. 
I believe these recommendations would satisfy both communities. It will not satisfy individual people of course but it is about the whole not some. Is these surggestions really that outrageous?

I would like to see this issue resolved as it creates division between our two communities. It is time that a solution is put in place instead of dancing around political correctness and single individuals taking action on what they feel they are entitled to. This issue is now much bigger then individuals and now the community leaders must take action.

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