Selwyn Council 4 Year vision, I would like to see more. January 2/2019 Walk and Talk from Your Local Realtor Brad Sinclair

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Selwyn Council and staff has put together a strategic plan and goals document for their current 4 year term.  I reviewed the 7 page document (click here to see document) of the 4 year targets and I am a little disappointed of the lack of vision council has for Selwyn. Most of the targets in this document can be accomplished within one or two years very easily. Quite frankly, some goals should not even be in this document. For example, one of the 4 year goals is to expand the leaf and yard waste pick up in Ennismore and through out the Township. Why is a County of Peterborough program on Selwyn strategic plan? Another silly goal is having name tags for staff and on hold music for the township. Is that really the priority of council in a four year term?

That said there is some excellent goals in this document as well. Council is looking to hold Town Hall meetings for each ward once a year. They are also considering blogging key community decisions. Over the next four years counsel will also review severance policy’s, update and review the official plan and work on natural gas and broadband expansion. 

The questions that jump out at me is: What is councils vision on parks, township properties, roads and fire department over the next four years? What type of financial reserves will we have? What is staffing levels going to look like? What is their vision on major projects and infrastructure will we see in all wards of Ennismore, Smith and Lakefield?

I challenge council to push themselves and have a vision that truly excites the community for the next four years.

That is all I have for you today.  
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