November 4/2019 Walk and Talk-Selwyn Farmers and Businesses need Selwyn Council to stand up for them

November 4/2019 Walk and Talk

-Selwyn Farmers and Businesses need Selwyn Council to stand up for them!

-How can a Farmers Market have so much controversy?

Hey everybody, Brad Sinclair here, your local Realtor, Looking to earn your real estate business by bringing you local knowledge, representation and service. Welcome to today’s walk and talk. Another Selwyn business has been ousted from the Peterborough and District Farmers Market Association’s Saturday Mornings Farmers Market located at Morrow Park. According to the Peterborough Examiner, Kyoto Coffee located between Lakefield and Peterborough in the Township of Selwyn has had its application for a booth denied at the market after being a member for 15 years. Of course, the esteemed operations manager of the market Wade Matthews and the previously convicted of fraud, chairperson Cindy Hope was again not available for comment for the Examiner's front-page story. It does amaze me how these people make these decisions affecting local businesses, then disappear when challenged on the decision. This is not the first time a Selwyn business has been ousted from the local Farmers Market. I do wonder if Selwyn Council is going to just idly stand by or will the Mayor and council stand up publicly for the Selwyn farmers and businesses and condemn the actions of the Peterborough and District Farmers Market Association. The city has asked for applications to run the farmer's market for the next 3 years. There were two applicants. The current association who has been running the market since 1984 but has been ousting local businesses and involved in deep controversy over the last few years or a new Association that has been running the downtown farmers market smoothly without any controversy. This city has to make a decision by December 4th. Selwyn farmers and businesses deserve to be part of the farmers market and I truly believe with Selwyn council support of the ousted parties will weigh heavily on the cities decision Who will run the market.

Background! Here is the CBC story on the nonsense of activities happening at the farmers market

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