December 2/2019 Walk and Talk

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 When and how did sports become politically charged to keep dividing Canadians from the political left from the political right? From Hockey Night in Canada’s Ron Maclean calling white Canadian males ---” privileged whites”----to Former Hockey commentator Don Cherry calling immigrants you people.

We also have Toronto Stars sports columnist Bruce Arthur Tweeting nasty comments to Conservative columnist Candice Malcolm call her “garbage” because he does not believe in her opinions.

It blows my mind how the left is preaching inclusiveness as long as people exclusively agree with the opinions of the left if not it is an all-out attack, just like the right attacked Jess Allen calling hockey players mean privileged white boys

What also wholly blows my mind how this has become a sports issue! Are sports not what takes ordinary Canadians minds off the reality of life for a few hours? Is sports not entertainment? Now we are being dragged into the political left and political right?? We have sports commentators telling us how good we are as people or how bad? Are sports reporters being righteous?

All I can say if professional sports reporters, columnist and their broadcasters want to be politically charged and righteous, people like me will stop watching sports. They are literally attacking their audience. So, When networks and leagues start losing money let's just see how righteous they really these people are.

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