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Pigeon Lake and Area


Pigeon Lake is located in the Kawarthas bordered by two counties, County of Peterborough and the City of Kawartha Lakes. There are many settlements along Pigeon, but Bobcaygeon is the largest town located on the northwest shores of the lake. In Bobcaygeon, you will find lockage from Pigeon Lake to Sturgeon Lake. (see pictures below).

Bobcaygeon, City of Kawartha LakesBoating into Bobcaygeon

BobcaygeonMarina services in Bobcaygeon

Bobcaygeon Real Estate SalesBoat dockage to visit and shop Bobcaygeon. Lockage into Sturgeon Lake

Pigeon Lake landmarks and sister lakes

Pigeon Lake is part of a three primary lake system in the Trent Severn Waterway system called the Tri-lake water system. This includes Chemong Lake and Buckhorn Lake. To enter the other two lakes accessed can be found through Gannon’s Narrows. The major landmark is the Gannon’s Narrows Bridge. (see pictures below). Although Pigeon is referred to as the Tri-lake system, you can enter two more lakes on the northeast area of the lake called Big and Little Bald Lakes.

Gannons Narrows BridgeGannon's Narrows Bridge from Pigeon Lake heading to Buckhorn Lake

Pigeon Lake through Gannon's Narrows showing Ennismore (Township Of Selwyn, County of Peterborough)

Pigeon Lake Fishing

Pigeon lake is 13,205 acres in size, with an average depth of 9.8 feet. The deepest area on the lake located on the north end of the lake has the depths of 57 feet. Pigeon holds many species of fish, including large and smallmouth bass, Muskie, Crappie, Walleye. I have been told you can find Northern Pike on the lake, but I have never seen any.

Muskellunge chasing Bass, Muskie Smallmouth BassMuskellunge chasing Bass

Pigeon Lake North and South

I titled this the majestic north Pigeon Lake as I think north Pigeon Lake is one of the nicest, most naturally beautiful areas in the Kawarthas. Once you go south of Gannon’s Narrows on Pigeon you enter a whole new ecological system. The waters are much more shallow, plant growth is abundant, and there is a wild rice dispute with local property owners and Curve Lake First Nations. Find out more about the wild rice dispute watch “Cottagers and Indians” documentary aired by CBC.

[caption id="attachment_5654" align="aligncenter" width="804"]Sunset from Trent Lakes looking toward Bobcaygeon

Pigeon Lake and Kawartha Land Trust

Also found in north Pigeon Lake is Boyd Island. This island is a 1085 acre island that is owned and protected by Kawartha Land Trust. Also known as Big Island or Chiminis Island this property was donated by Mike and Terry Wilson for all to enjoy in 2015. Activities that are encouraged on the island are fishing, hiking, day camping, and research. No hunting, night camping, or alcohol is allowed.

Selling Pigeon Lake

As a Realtor, I usually sell north Pigeon Lake as a recreational property or very high-end residential properties. South Pigeon Lake is also known for a mixture of usage properties but I would say most properties are used as residential because of the proximity and the quick drive to significant center's Lindsay and Peterborough.

Pigeon Lake offers so much to so many. Fishing, boating, sandbars for swimming, shallow and deep waters, towns, and settlements. You will also find campgrounds, overnight facilities, and many easy access boat launches.

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