For many Canadians a luxury that we can enjoy is a family cottage, a camp or a forest getaway. These beautiful places offer a place to rejuvenate in quietness and solitude. Or maybe it is the time spent with family. Or maybe time on the trail.

Like anything, nothing lasts forever. The little boy who swung in the tire swing on the large oak now lives thousands of miles away raising his own family. The little girl who loved swimming off the dock that is now a teenager and not that excited to hang out with Mom and Dad with no internet. It could be you, you are past your prime and the extra work you are no longer able to do easily.

The deep affection we feel for these properties because of the amazing memories can truly distort the prospective when it comes to considering to sell the property. What do you mean you are selling the family cottage? We love that place! Sure you love it son/daughter but you have not been to the property in 3 years and you do not contribute a dime to the expenses!

Other considerations that one my look at when it might be time to sell is tax considerations, family financial obligations, maybe family’s can not afford to carry the property. You have to consider different generations with different attitudes and goals. The younger generation may want to see the world by travelling. A big one that I see personally is when the commitment of weekly visits just becomes a pain. That pain could be from the 3 hour drive on Friday night and back on Sunday,  kids and sports. New hobbies and interests or maybe new love!

The whole point of the recreational property is to relax, bring family and friends together but ultimately bring joy. When these things are not happening, it is time to start the decision process why you are going to keep the property, or why you are going to sell it.

Selling a cottage is truly a business decision. Like any property that is being purchased and sold. It is better to leave emotion out of the deal, and I realize that is easy to say but unbelievably hard to do in reality. Some of the major mistakes I have seen in the past is looking at the property with rose coloured glasses. You look at your property and see all the special memories, blood, sweat and tears you gave to purchase, kept and maintain the property for so many years. The problem is buyers do not see this with the same lens. They see their own scarifies to purchase, their own hopes and dreams, not yours. You may think your cottage is the best cottage on the lake and going to price it accordingly. Is it the best cottage or is it the rose colour glasses distorting the truth?

Once you have exhausted any and all reasons to keep the property for yourself and your family, it is time to put the property on the market. The first question most want to know is, what is my property worth? To get the correct value of your property is to find a Realtor that works the lakes and can give you documented facts on true value. Don’t be afraid to invite a few agents. The medium price given is most likely your actual value.

Next, you must choose who you are going to list with. Should I choice my friend from the city to list my rural recreational property or should I list with a local agent that knows the lakes, politics, can refer additional resources and usually already has buyers in their pocket? I know which one I would choice who would be best for myself and my family but some feel that their friend that works the city is the best choice. But it is your choice!

Communication is key with everyone involved. Making sure everyone in the family is on the same page with the right reasons why it is time to sell. This will solve a ton of heart ache and bitterness down the road. Also communication with your chosen Realtor is extremely important. Your Realtor must know all the details of the why’s, the troubles, the excitement and the dread. For the Realtor to take you down the correct path of a successful sale, all details must be known no matter how hard it is to tell a complete stranger your problems.

Buying and selling real estate is an emotional, complicated and possibly difficult time in ones life. If you go though all the correct steps in the decision making, you will find that the process can be much less taxing on you and your family.

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