Fishing on the Kawartha's


Fishing on the Kawartha's 

Summer is in full swing and warmer temperatures on the rise, this means it's time to get out on the lake for some fishing. If you are lucky enough to have a cottage on the Kawartha's you are probably already eager and excited to get out on the water. The best thing about fishing is that it's for everyone and doesn't take much to get into. You can either enjoy it from a boat with a huge variety of tackle and accessories, or it can be enjoyed from shore with a simple hook and worm. 

Fishing is very relaxing and can be so enjoyable if you love being on the lake. The Kawartha Lakes are home to many fish species such as Large and Smallmouth bass, Muskie, Pike, Walleye, Perch, and a variety of panfish. With so much space between all the lakes you can fish for days! Early mornings are best when fishing for Bass, this species likes to stay in cooler areas of the lake and weed beds. During the day fishing for walleye trolling over the weed beds during this time seems to work best on them. The feeding frenzy for these fish really starts in the evening. When fishing for Muskie early morning or late evening is best on these lakes. They typically go for gold and black color lurers and can be found in deeper weed beds. Panfish are perhaps the easiest of all the fish to find, they are excellent for introducing youngster to the joys of fishing. They take rapidly to a worm and hook and can easily be caught from shore.

If you don't own your own boat there are opportunities to charter fishing trips in the Kawartha's where the locals on the lake can take you to the best spots for fishing. You can also rent boats from some of the many resorts located in the Kawartha's if you'd like to go on your own. If you don't catch any fish there's always spectacular scenery and views easily found anywhere within the Kawartha's. Rest assured weather you are an avid fisherman or just wanting to get out on a weekend for fun, you are guaranteed to enjoy a fishing trip on the Kawartha lakes.                  

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