Investment/Recreational Property Week 4 in Apsley Ontario

Wow. Can not believe it has been four weeks with our new property. The changes have been huge with little money spent. Just work. I believe as we speak the current condition of the property is so much better we are ahead of the game by at least $10,000 in value and saleability. Not bad for four weekends of work.

I love washing the cars up at the cottage. They come out spotless. The kids joined in the washing!

Still had this mess to finish up from last weekend's removal of greenhouse.

Before Picture

After Picture

Got the old mower running. Lucas wanted a John Deere so I did the best I could. See below!

The old owners built in attic stairs. We are going to use upstairs so the process of building stairs began with opening the opening back up.

Upstairs had carpet and a few items. This is on the list to do is fix this up.

Dad hitched on to the trailer for me with a good dump run!


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