Investment/Recreational Property Week 5 in Apsley Ontario

Hi Everyone. It was a mixed bag of weather this weekend. The big project for this weekend was the stairs replacement at the cottage. Because of other commitments we did not arrive at the cottage until Saturday night. 
Keith and I had to do a ton of thinking on angles and measurements on these stairs. It is not as easy as it looks. We measured, cut, measure, cut then measure and cut again.
Once the raisers were correct we made cleats for the treads to rest on. We glued, nailed then screwed the cleats. They will never go anywhere.

Once up the sanding will begin. We did not get much sanding done. This will be another day.

Starting to look comfortable!

Upstairs the clean up begins. Susan got the ceiling painted as well. Next project getting these rooms ready for the kids.

The bathroom walls are so uneven. I put a coating of drywall mud to see if I can fix them before we left to go home.


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