Ennismore; The community, the people, the lifestyle.

(Selwyn is a township in central-eastern Ontario, Canada, located in Peterborough County. Formerly known as Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, the township passed a by-law changing its name to Selwyn in 2012. The change became official on January 15, 2013. Wikipedia 
Ennismore took its name from the township which was named for William Hare, Viscount Ennismore, Earl of List owe I in County Kerry, Ireland)

What do houses sell for in Ennismore (real estate)?

The properties in Ennismore very from type to type. Ennismore has rural residential homes, farm land, waterfront homes and waterfront cottages. (Ennismore is surrounded by Pigeon Lake, Chemong Lake and Buckhorn Lake). Average sale price in Ennismore is $295,000. If you break it down a little further to get a better understanding:

Residential Homes range $200,000-$600,000
Farms range from $400,000-$700,000
Waterfront homes and cottages range from $350,000-$800,000

What is the family/community values in Ennismore?

Ennismore has a population of approximately 5000 people. If you live in Ennismore, you are part of a community of families. Ennismore is a residential or a bedroom community of Peterborough. There is no industry in Ennismore, but there is small businesses. You will find service clubs, committees, teams working for the greater good of Ennismore's community. The community thrives and surrounds itself with sports, church and the school.


 What is there to do for leisure in Ennismore?

Ennismore has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities, beach, park, trails and recreational programs. The main hub of the community is our Robert Young Community Center. Hockey, baseball, soccer, tennis and lacrosse is played here. There is also many Festivals in the community including the Shamrock Festival and Polar Fest. Seniors also has events and a club for all to meet.  For detailed information visit Selwyn Townships website.

What Emergency Services are there in Ennismore?

Peterborough County/City EMS provides Primary and Advanced Care Emergency Medical Services throughout the County and City of Peterborough 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can see their website at:http://www.ptboems.org.

The fire service provides fire, rescue and emergency services with a Volunteer Fire Department that covers a population of 17,413 with coverage of 155 square miles including the surrounding rivers and lakes. The Department consists of 90 personnel operating out of 5 Fire Halls, utilizing 18 pieces of various apparatus. Visit Selwyn Fire Department Wiki page.

There are two Police Services in the Township. The Peterborough County O.P.P. serves the Wards of Smith and Ennismore; and the Peterborough-Lakefield Police Services Board serves the Village of Lakefield.
Visit the O.P.P. website at: www.opp.ca
Visit the Smith-Ennismore Police Service Board Webpage
Visit the Smith-Ennismore Community Policing Website at: www.secp.ca

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