Going Paperless (as Paperless as I can)

Any one in my office can tell you that I am an iPad and iPhone junkie. They will also tell you that I am a little different because I still run a PC for a computer. I find that they all integrate nicely so I am not moving to an iMac quite yet.

I have made a change to my business that I am looking forward to seeing how effective it is. Paperless. As you see in the title I state, "as much as I can". What I mean by that, I can't do contracts electronically yet, but we are close. Contracts will still need paper. (econtracts not legal in Ontario yet, the only Province in Canada)

I have set up and downloaded all the apps I think I am going to need to use for this process of being paperless. Evernote is going to be the backbone of the system. Any hard notes or files will be found in this app. This gives me access to all most every piece of information, contracts, etc that I will need on a daily basis at my finger tips.

Next I will use Dropbox to share files and PDF expert to be able to add to the PDFs. (PDF Expert can do a lot of things, but is difficult to navigate).

The last App I downloaded to go paperless is Notesplus. This will give me the ability to time manage, take notes, and record notes. Handy App.

Everyone of these Apps are integrated. This will take time to figure out the best use of each App but I think once I have got it figured out, this system will help me take my customer service to the next level.

I will keep you up to date as I go along!


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