Listing Photos. Why are they so important?

Hi Brad Sinclair here with Flat Rate Realty. I created this blog to talk about photos. In my opinion this is one of the most important pieces when listing your home. Over 90% of your marketing materials will include your property photos. It is important to know that over 95% of home buyers are currently finding their homes on the internet and when they are looking on the internet they are eliminating homes “this one does not work, this one does not work” and so on, we need to make sure that does not happen and your home stands out. Today, photos are now our first impression so it is crucial we nail it, you can’t afford to miss this step. Most Realtors today are busting out their IPhone or cheap digital camera which is a HUGE mistake. You cannot show your home off properly this way. You must utilize professional photography and the truth is, with the average Realtor selling less than 6 homes a year they just cannot afford to market your home properly. Professional photography (which I am) and proper marketing is expensive, however it will make thousands of dollars of a difference on how much you can sell your home for. This is why I utilize the best photography equipment and we also spend a lot of time with you making sure your home is prepped correctly before we take photos. Again, photos are a buyers first impression so it is crucial to make sure we nail this step. For a 100% no obligation, no hassle and absolutely no pressure listing interview contact us anytime and we would love the opportunity to interview for the job! Thank you and have an amazing day!

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