Never, Ever, Choose A Realtor On Price that they say your listing price should be

Hi Brad Sinclair here with Flat Rate Reatly, I wanted to create a quick blog to talk about the number one mistake homeowners make when choosing a Realtor to sell their home. The number one mistake is choosing a Realtor based on the listing price. This is a huge mistake. Your only deciding factor on who you should list your home with should be their market plan of action to get your home exposed to the most buyers. We have a very intensive, detailed, aggressive and effective 48 point marketing strategy to get your home sold. I always tell all my potential home sellers when I am presenting a market valuation report that I will give you my professional recommendation however you are the home owner, you are the boss, I work for you, you choose the price. My job is to aggressively market your home harder than any other Realtor out there along with negotiating and fighting for you to ensure you get the highest possible price for your home. So again, never choose a Realtor based on their recommended list price. Make sure they show you their exact marketing strategy, proofs, copies, samples, ask what their exact plan of action is to get your home sold and make your decision based on that. We have about a one hour in depth presentation we do while on our listing interview that lays out exactly what we do, what you can expect and why we are the best real estate team for you. For a 100% no obligation, no hassle and absolutely no pressure listing interview contact us anytime and we would love the opportunity to interview for the job! Thank you and have an amazing day! (did I mention that I charge an amazing, aggressive commission rate of 3.75%?!!)


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