Why would you not make a call?

Brad Sinclair here again with Flat Rate Realty Company. The reason I created today's blog is to discuss why you should hire us list your home. There are a lot of reasons however I would like to discuss the top 4.

The first reason is our guarantees. We have our 1 day listing agreement guarantee which states you are never locked into a contract, if at anytime you feel we are not doing our job you can fire us and list your home with another Realtor that same day. We do not believe in long term contracts we believe in accountability. This ensures we will work extremely hard for you the second you decide to list your home with us, until your home sales.

Second reason is our marketing plan of action. We have sold hundreds of homes. We have an intensive, proven and effective 48 point marketing strategy that gets results. We have a very specific game plan from the second you decide to list your home with us until the second your home sells. We spend over 120 times what the average real estate agent spends to ensure our homes are getting maximum exposure. You will not find another Realtor with a more aggressive marketing plan.

Third, we spend a ton of time with you going room by room giving you our professional recommendation about little things that can be done to ensure your home shows at its best at all times. This will make thousands of dollars of a difference on how much you will make on you home sale.

Lastly, we are a full time full service residential real estate team. Nobody on our team is part time. We all work together on the same page to ensure we help you accomplish your real estate goals. Nobody is going to work harder for you. We take our careers and our clients extremely seriously and we will not let you down.

All 4 reasons to list with us is amazing, but even better for you is our aggressive commission rate that will put thousands back in your pocket. 3.75% commission rate.

For a 100% hassle free, no obligation and absolutely no pressure listing interview please contact us anytime. We would love the opportunity to interview for the job! Thank you and have an amazing day!


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