Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines: Beautiful Eels Creek in Apsley, walk in the woods, Quote of the day, never choose a Realtor by the price he quotes

This morning what I seen while working at my desk. -13 out there. Looks like big snow coming tonight.

Walking through the woods: 
Nothing clears your mind like a walk in the woods. I took a quiet blissful walk this weekend in the woods. I seen some red squirrels, rabbit tracks but not much else for the first bit. Then I heard a gobble. I walked up to a ridge and could not get much closer but I saw 4 wild turkeys. I see turkeys in fields all the time but it was kind of cool to see them in the woods. They did not have any fear of me really. Maybe they knew I could not get past the ridge. I did get a few shots. (with a camera!)

Quote of the day: 
What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.

Never choose a Realtor on the price they say your house is worth: 
The number on mistake homeowners make when choosing a Realtor to sell their home is picking who said your property is worth more then anyone else. They convince you this is the value but have no idea or plan how to get you this number. This is a huge mistake. Your only deciding factor on who you should list your home with should be their market plan of action to get your home exposed to the most buyers. Myself, I have a very intensive, detailed, aggressive and effective 48 point marketing strategy to get your home sold for top dollar. I always tell all my potential home sellers when I am presenting a market valuation report that I will give you my professional recommendation however you are the home owner, you are the boss, I work for you, you choose the price. My job is to aggressively market your home harder than any other Realtor out there along with negotiating and fighting for you to ensure you get the highest possible price for your home. So again, never choose a Realtor based on their recommended list price. Make sure every Realtor shows you their exact marketing strategy, proof, copies, samples of their exact plan of action to get your home sold for top dollars. 

Eels Creek:

For your enjoyment here is some of the best shots of the creek I took this weekend.

 Down at the rest area on Highway 28 you will find some grand sights there. Not only it is a place to rest but recharge looking at the creek and rapids. This area is owned by the Ministry of Transportation and is maintained with Picnic Tables, bathroom and township map. See below shots of the creek.

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