Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines:First Ice of the Year on Chemong Lake, New Real Estate Advice, Quote of the Day, Peterborough Zoo

First Ice of the Year on Chemong Lake:

Winter is here! The ice is starting form. Who will be the first one on it?

New Real Estate Advice:

This is a bit cheeky and will most likely ruffle the feathers of a few in my industry. A segment title I usually use in this blog is "Real Estate Advice". I know it is boring, right? So, I am starting to see real estate for sale signs with the sales representatives pointing at me. Are they shooting? Are they making to clicking sounds when they are doing this? Not sure. But I came up with an idea when looking at one of these signs! The new segment is going to be called " How not to get screwed by a Real Estate Agent". I am realistic, I know we are one of the lowest trusted professionals out there. So I will bring you something you could get burned on by an agent and I will tell you how not to. Look for this starting tomorrow!

Quote of the Day:

You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles that you has to overcome to reach your goals
                                           -Booker T Washington

Peterborough Zoo:

Peterborough is such a lucky city to have a zoo that has no admission fee. Yes, you can go to this zoo for free. The zoo is owned and funded by The Peterborough Utilities Commission. The PUC uses water services revenue to fund the zoo. Up to 9% of the water revenue is used for expenditures. Below is some of the animals, buildings and views you will find at the zoo. Some animals and services are closed for this time of year, but you still can go today and visit.

One of the Peterborough Zoo's gems is a CF-86 Mark 5 Sabre from the 428 Wing AFAC. This aircraft has been up as long as I can remember but was refurbished in 2009.

Here is a Peterborough Examiner article about the refurbishment efforts. Click here.

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