Peterborough and Lindsay Stories and Headlines: Quote of the day, How not to get screwed by a real estate agent(first segment), East City sights

Quote of the day:
The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer.
                           -Henry David Thoreau

How not to get screwed by a Real Estate Agent:
The screw Story: "My Agent under priced my house so it sold easily and quickly so they did not have to work to collect thousands in commission and it left my money on the table"
How to protect yourself:
When you are ready to list your home and choosing a Realtor® to sell your home I recommend calling in 2 or 3 sales representatives from different Brokerages. Each sales representative should bring you a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) showing you comparable homes in the area that were listed and sold. The CMA should also contain active listings that would be your competition and expired listings to show you listings that did not sell. (usually because price to high).  Using this information you should be able to determine if the recommended list price is too low. Just don't fall into the "my house is so much better then those houses" trap. It could fool you into listing too high. You should also receive the detailed marketing plan on how your house will be marketed by that person. Make sure this person is not a part time Realtor®. Full time effort must be given to you to sell a house for top dollar. If you are not provided this information, show that person to the door.

The job of the Sales Representative you are going to hire to sell your home is to educate you as well as represent you. You are the boss.. This is your property. You choose the list price. You choose the sale price. So choose your Realtor® wisely, their experience and advice will bring you more value then it will cost you in commission every time!

East City Peterborough, the city within a city:

East City has a unique, one of a kind feel to it. The East end is separated from the rest of the city because of Otonabee River but connected by the Hunter St bridge. East City has a long history, from Quaker Oats (providing the smell of cooked oats throughout East City), Hunter St Bridge and St. Joseph Hospital.

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