Further Thoughts on December 14/2018 Walk and Talk from Your Local Realtor Brad Sinclair: Peterborough Petes VS Peterborough Lakers

I have been very vocal on the Peterborough Memorial Center floor issue in the last week. My heart breaks that the Lakers will not have a major arena to play in 2019. (In Peterborough)  Reading media reports there was a solution on the table that would save the Back to Back Mann Cup Winning Lakers season and satisfy the Petes needs by repairing the floor. I been critical of The Petes for pushing The City for a full floor replacement and not a repair. Burton Lee from the Petes and President Dave Pogue reached out to me to further discuss some facts about this issue which had not been well publicized. A few quick facts that we spoke about was the Petes were going to be displaced for a few months as well. The floor would not be complete until November. This would create a number of challenges to over come for the Petes as well. Also the current system also produces poor ice. This can be unsafe for the quick game of the OHL. One other fact we discussed was Mr.Pogue researched every possible angle and spoke to many experts including Dan Craig and no one had another viable option if the floor repair failed in any way.  I am going to meet with Mr. Pogue next week to see the facts and I will be sure to share with you what I find out in this meeting. Maybe I have been right all along, maybe I have been wrong. We will see.

Tomorrow the Lakers executive will meet to start planning what to do for their 2019 season. There was some talk of the Lakers folding for the 2019 season which does not seem like a very good path to take but the numbers are going to have to work for them not-to fold. To be honest with you I’m not sure if MSL would even survive is the Lakers folded for the year. The city has offered compensation for lost ticket revenue but The Lakers wonder if they will have enough sponsorship money without playing in front of the large crowds. Tim Barrie is quoted saying that "the compensation for the one year will not cut it. The City are doing irreparable damage to the Laker organization and if they kill this franchise it will take years to build it back up" Peterborough has offered the Evinrude Centre to the Lakers but that facility seats 750 fans and the current season ticket base is over 2100 fans. Tim Barrie also says the franchise has had other offers from other communities to host the Lakers but would not say who. The Lakers are going to have to be creative. It does sound like the Petes and the city will help where they can for marketing and promotion of the Lakers sponsors. I’m hoping they come up with something that works for them tomorrow.

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