Peterborough needs to think bigger than the proposed twin pad arena

The proposed new twin pad arena at Trent University sounds like a great complex. The complex would have the following elements:
  • a twin pad community arena
  • an elevated running track
  • off-ice training centre
  • sport office and sport storage space
  • administrative space
  • multi-purpose and meeting facilities
  • commercial opportunities
  • the addition of a 25-metre, 10-lane competitive pool and a warm up pool is also being considered to be included in the first phase of the arena project.
The projected cost of this arena was announced at $53 million. The land was to be provided by Trent University. At this point what the deal between the City and Trent University to have the land is not clear to me or the public. The land also comes with a few issues including building on wetlands, endangered species and First Nations are not happy about the destruction of the lands as this project impacts treaties. I also hate the location of Trent for an arena. There is no easy access to the arena for opposing teams coming into the city. To get to the arena they would have to travel the Parkway to Lansdowne to Water or through the back roads of Douro-Dummer township to arrive at the rink. Also for tournament purposes there is no accommodations in the immediate area. The only way this location will work is if the Parkway is constructed.

The Rethink Group who was hired by the city for consultation. Rethink says the city is in need: 

So right from the start a twin pad is too small. Why are we not addressing the ice pad need first then adding all these "extras" that are ballooning the costs to build? Rethink projected costs of the twin pad complex at $20-26 million depending on level of finish. A Triple Pad was projected at $27-$36 million again depending on level of finish. To build a twin pad 8 acres of land is required and a triple pad arena requires 12 acres.

Now that the Provincial Government has held back the $18 million promised for this project the City has delayed the project by one year. The city has spent $2.1 million on architectural drawings. What a waste.

That all said I think the city should take the next year and come up with a new plan. The project does not meet the needs of the city. Why go though all this expense and time and build a complex that is too small? I just don't understand. Take this as an opportunity. Find a proper location in the city by the 115. Build a quad ice surface facility that would bring in weekend tournaments but not effect the ice time of teams and leagues not associated in that tournament. For funding, keep working on Federal and Provincial governments for funding but don't be fearful of approaching business and corporate partnerships for further funding.

What are your thoughts?

That is all I have for you today.  
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