Lake riding not such a hot idea right now and Peterborough Memorial Center floor repair consequences

Lake riding not such a hot idea right now

A man decided that Chemong Lake looked like a good place to ride his new snowmobile on Tuesday night and needed to be rescued after he went through the ice. 

Peterborough County OPP were called to the scene near the James A. Gifford Causeway around 10 p.m. They say a man was taking his recently purchased snowmobile for a test drive when he went through the ice. 

“The snowmobiler was able to self rescue with assistance from a friend. The man did not require medical treatment,” OPP stated. “The snowmobile remained in the lake and will be removed on Wednesday.”

The snowmobiler was charged with an offence under the Motorized Snow Vehicle Act.

Ministry of the Environment was notified by the OPP

Peterborough Memorial Center floor repair consequences

Well the Lakers 2019 season is doomed thanks to the City of Peterborough and the Peterborough Petes unwillingness to listen to anyone but their own engineer. This crazy saga I thought would never come to spending over 3 million dollars in the old dog of a building in Peterborough and displacing a back to back Canadian Champion in the Lakers.

This is not where it ends. I am going to do a little prediction here and we will see if I am right or not. I am willing to go on the record on these 3 consequences of the path the city decided to take.

1. The floor cost will ballon over 7 million dollars.

You just know that this project will get started and they will find more issues that need to be repaired while having the floor dug up. This will ballon costs well over budgeted amount of 3.5 million dollars. Where will the money be found to pay for the extra costs?

2. City Council after spending large amounts of money on the floor will have no interest in building a new arena

After spending millions of dollars on the PMC floor council will have no mood to work on a new arena. You can't spend millions of dollars for a short term fix. The city will want to get value from the millions of dollars spent. A new arena will not even start to be built until after 2035. This is not good for Peterborough and it's sport teams to still be in the PMC in 17 years. Hopefully the Petes are not hoping to host a Memorial Cup anytime soon.

3. The Lakers will not repeat as Mann Cup Champions 

I don't think the Lakers will even win the Ontario Championship. They have lost their home, their fans and maybe their will to win for a city that tosses them out on their ear to satisfy another organizations request without making every effort to try to save their home.

I just think that we can do much better then the plan the city is forging ahead with. The consequences of doing the full replacement is much greater then if the floor is repaired and an ice mat is purchased. Council and the Petes just don't see this as they are being short sighted  while they think they are doing the best for their long term future.

That is all I have for you today.  
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