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Floor Repair Contractor hired for Memorial Center

Article written by Joelle Kovach, Peterborough Examiner
  • A contractor has been hired by the city to replace the floor at the Memorial Centre
  • City received 3 bids highest being 3.8 million dollars lowest at little over 3 million dollars
  • Peak Engineering and Construction of Belleville won the bid which was the lowest bid
  • Peak believes they can complete the work in 20 weeks not the previous thought 22 weeks
  • Peak Engineering replaced the refrigeration plant  at the Memorial Centre last year
  • Work to start in June and be completed in November
My opinion: The city has committed to this project. My best wishes for this project but I am extremely nervous of what they are going to find once the floor is opened up.

Ptbo Farmers Market Extension

Article written by Joelle Kovach, Peterborough Examiner
  • One year extension on lease agreement is expected between city and current tenant "The Peterborough and District Farmers Market Association"
  • Same tenant has been under agreement with city since 1984
  • City want to open bidding process for a new 5 year term
  • City wants to hear from public to find out what they expect from a farmers market
  • City staff will be researching how other city markets are operated. For example governance, where the product is from, etc
  • Tensions at the Morrow Park market have been high with the eviction of 7 local farmers last spring.
  • PDFMA states that the issues in 2018 prompted the election of a new board of directors and a creation of a new strategic plan 
  • The new board members has not been released.
My opinion: What a mess this simple farmers market has become. The cloak of secrecy has always made me suspicious of their actions. Why the secrecy? It is a farmers market. If you have nothing to hide be open and honest.

War of Words. Crowley and McLellan

Article written by Mike Davies, Peterborough Examiner
  • Boxing card theme "Bad Blood"
  • There is legitimate bad blood between Douro's Crowley and BC's McLellan
  • McLellan used Facebook to start a war with Crowley and his supporters to earn this fight
  • McLellan thinks Crowley has great training but as far as his skills he does not think that Crowley is as good as he thinks
  • McLellan says Crowley has been spoon fed. Crowley rebutted saying it is a myth. He works with the best fighters in the world and there is nothing easy about that
  • Tickets still available for the fight on Saturday night
My opinion: I am attending this event. I have not seen a live boxing fight since the 1990s. I am looking forward to it. I amire Cody Crowley in his skills to promote himself but also being a championship fighter. I am watching closely to what he does as he is an interesting local celebrity with an amazing work ethic. Good luck Cody.

Walk and Talk

Written and produced by Brad Sinclair

As you noticed there hasn’t been any walk and talks for the last three days. I have been in bed sick with the flu. It made me think a lot about people who are truly deathly sick. Like People who are fighting cancer. People who are not going to get better in three days. People who are fighting for their life.

Buddha said-your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.

Often illness brings into focus what we wish we could be doing when we feel healthy. I felt trapped on the couch. My brain was working but my body was not cooperating. What would I rather be doing? I truly want to be doing the little things that make a huge impact. Working on my business.  Working to improve our community. Spending time with my family. I missed a huge hockey event with my daughter and the Peterborough Pete’s which broke my heart.

We are all vulnerable. When you’re sick you need to ask for help. Why don’t you ask for help when you’re healthy? Accepting help than expressing gratitude whole heartedly helps us remember how both parties benefit from the exchange of kindness.

Another question is how hard am I pushing myself. Am I taking some time for me? Sometimes being sick can  give me permission to rest. Yes being sick with the flu has brought some reflection. Reflection on my time is spent. And maybe you should reflect on it too. Nobody on their deathbed wished they watched more Netflix, spent more time at the office, drank more at the bar. On your deathbed what would you wish you did more? ———-Start doing that today!

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