Here is a handy credit tip

 Take advantage of pre-authorized payments 

If you are finding it hard to keep up with your credit card payments and are falling behind and missing payments each month. A great option to utilize is pre-authorized payments. This allows your credit card company to go in and take your minimum payment every month making your payment on time. This option is fantastic because you will never be late or miss a payment. Then you can later go in and make another payment when you have the money to do so, therefore, paying off the balance more quickly.

 Missed payments affect your credit score greatly, so if you are having a hard time keeping up and are falling behind utilize this option. But remember don't just set it and forget it. Paying bills and dealing with debt can be so stressful why not take some of that stress away by setting up pre-authorized payments for your credit cards? It's fairly simple to set up and fairly easy to cancel - each company has different policies - most cards have online/app. options or you can call the credit card company to get set up. Start to take control of your debt.  

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