Kawartha Cottage Rentals IGuide Photography System


Kawartha Cottage Rental IGuide Photography System is another tool in your rental toolbox to attract and secure more bookings.  A brief overview of the pros of using this system.

Why iGuide?

Our iGuide system is a proven system that we use to sell our waterfront properties. It is the most efficient system that showcases a home, and cottage to prospective buyers. It allows for faster decision-making, better planning, and easier navigation, including accurate floor plans, 360° images, room dimensions, photos, and more!  IGuide Waterfront Cottage Photography offers a host of features sure to impress potential renters

Here are the main reasons why prospective buyers and agent prefer virtual tours over videos of listings:

1) iGuide Virtual Tours Are Self-guided: One of the biggest and most important differences between a video tour and an iGuide Virtual Tour is that iGuide Tours are solely self-guided/interactive.

2) iGuide Virtual Tours Are Fully Immersive: iGuide is an immersive experience that provides the sense of actually being at the property.

3) Virtual Tours Don't Rely On Long Attention Spans:  Kawartha Cottage Rentals IGuide Photography & Virtual Tour places the controls in the hands of the viewer and allows them to explore the property as they'd like, on their time frames. Whereas a video experience is linear and guided by the camera operator. The viewer has to wait for the camera operator to take them through the home, or strategically fast-forward the video until they find the room they are wanting to see.

Kawartha Cottage Rental IGuide Photography System 
A quick look at images and floor plans offered by the IGuide System.[/caption]

4) Video Tours Cannot Achieve HDR and Bracketing: Regardless of whether too much or not enough light is flooding a room, the essential professional feature of HDR and Bracketing will be absent from most video tours.

5) iGuide Waterfront Cottage Photography Separates The Serious Buyers From The Tire Kickers: Prospective buyers that contact an agent after taking an online virtual tour are far more likely to be serious about buying the property than a neighbor and their friends who show up at an open house for something to do on a weekend. Kawartha Cottage Rentals IGuide Photography & Virtual Tours are valuable in that they can make people want to see a property and they have the ability to show people that they don't want to view a particular property for whatever reason.


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